Contact Huggins and Scott Auctions

You can reach us using email, telephone, or surface mail. Our hours of operation are as follows:
  • Monday-Friday - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday by appointment only!


Email is the best way to get hold of us. We read our email faithfully and will respond quickly to your requests.


If you try to contact us by telephone, please note our hours of operation at the top of this page. While the office is closed, we will still accept phone calls if we are in. Better yet, why not try email?
  • 301-608-0355

Surface Mail

Surface mail is always a reliable (albeit slow) means to get hold of us. If you send us surface mail, let us know what your email address and phone number are in your message.

Huggins and Scott Auctions LLC
2301 Broadbirch Dr., STE 150
Silver Spring, MD 20904

Call our main office 301-608-0355 or email us Click here to send us an email to discuss your collection. We can have a local rep contact you and set up a time to review your collection

Main Office:
Bill Huggins

Phila/Lower NJ Rep:
Steve Dickler

Dick DeCourcy

SF/Oak, CA Rep:
Josh Wulkan

New York Rep:
Ron Vitro

New York City/Upper New Jersey Rep:
Richard Wiercinski

Dallas, TX Rep:
Stephen Phillips

Indiana Rep:
J.D. Heckathorn

SW Fla Rep:
Kevin Endo

Michigan Rep:
Michael Golsteyn

Baltimore, MD Rep:
Jay Strecker

N. & Cent. Fla/S. Ga Rep:
Jay Dyer

SE Fla Rep:
Kent Feddeman

No. Virginia Rep:
Craig Crampton

Upstate New York Rep:
Steve Buckholtz

Louisville, KY Rep:
Chris Buckler

St. Louis, MO Rep:
Tim Fassler

Montreal, PQ Canada Rep:
Jason Chartrand

Denver, CO Rep:
Mike Nelson

Phoenix, AZ Rep:
Joe Mancino

So. California Rep:
Bob Brill

Minneapolis, MN Rep:
Bob Hallman

Southern Virginia Rep:
Doug Williams

Oklahoma Rep:
Jon Azlin

Long Island, NY Rep:
Johnny Hustle Card Co.

Kansas Rep:
Stuart Goldberg

Central, NC Rep:
Kiya Sabet

Chicago, IL Rep:
Jeff Meister

Atlanta, GA Rep:
Joe Davis (J&J Sportscards)

Pacific NW Rep:
Richard Rosamond

Buffalo/Toronto Rep:
Carl Lamendola

Pittsburgh/Cleveland Rep:
Ray Lukach